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Brentwood TN Artificial Turf Installation

Southern Turf Co. proudly provides quality commercial and residential turf installation service in Brentwood TN.

Belmont Pet Turfs

Looking for a turf suitable for your pet? Call Southern Turf Co. of Brentwood TN today for your free estimate on all types of pet turf.

Brentwood Lifestyle Turfs

Want a lifestyle turf quote in Brentwood TN? Southern Turf Co. provides written quotes Brentwood Synthetic Grass Installation

Having years of painting experience, Southern Turf Co. has the most highly qualified, reliable turf installers in Brentwood TN. With Southern Turf Co., you'll always be assured you and your yard is in good hands.

Brentwood Commercial Turf Installation

For professional, reliable commercial turf installations in Brentwood, Tennessee, look no further than Southern Turf Co.. Southern Turf Co. has been a leading Brentwood turf installation company you can depend on.

Brentwood Putting Greens

Whether you're a resident looking to have your own putting greens in Belmont installed, or a property manager looking to have putting greens, Southern Turf Co. is the right choice for you.

Brentwood Field Turf

Is your community looking for a new turfed sports field? Call Southern Turf Co. of Brentwood for a free estimate on any turf job for your home or business.

Brentwood Playground Turf

Southern Turf Co. of Brentwood has been installing playground turf at the highest levels. When it comes to playground turf, call Southern Turf Co.

Brentwood Artificial Hedge

Southern Turf Co.'s artificial ivy systems can turn your fence, interior or exterior walls, into lush, maintenance-free oasis. Literally any vertical or horizontal surface our artificial ivy system can make look colorful and beautiful! Going with our Ivy system conserves water, reduces bugs and lowers maintenance costs. Best of all it looks great while giving you less hassle!


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Professional, in-house installation crews

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Owner on site to supervise installation

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Proprietary installation techniques

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Most projects installed in just 24 hours

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100% satisfaction guarantee

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Superior customer care

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Our mission is to encourage people to enjoy life outside while reducing water and pesticide use. We are committed to providing high-quality turf installations that transform outdoor spaces one happy client at a time.