Putting Green Turf

Transform your front yard, backyard, or business exterior/interior with Southern Turf Co’s high quality artificial grass putting green products. Southern Turf Co. offers a wide selection of the industry’s most advanced products that mimic the look and feel of a course quality green. We install everything from elite-grade products to casual and family friendly putting surfaces that everyone can enjoy.

Virtually Maintenence Free

Southern Turf Co. putting greens require no daily maintenance. Just use a broom or leaf blower to keep the surface clear from debris and/or seedlings as needed. 

Southern Turf Co. Putting Green
  • No Need to Leave Home: Our expert turf advisors can help you design the putting green of your dreams in your private space. You will never need to head to the public golf course or country club for putting practice again. 
  • Always Open: Grab your putter after work or enjoy a game over your morning coffee. No tee time required.
  • Always Green: No matter the season or amount of rain, your putting green will always been green and beautiful.
  • Less Maintenance, More Golf: Spend less time mowing and watering and more time perfecting your stroke. No daily maintenance is required. Simply use a broom or leaf blower any time you need to clear debris, such as fallen leaves.
  • Fun for the Whole Family: Everyone in the household and the neighborhood will be able to use your new putting green (if you are willing to share).
  • No Mess or Pests:  You don't have to worry about mud or tracking a mess back inside with your artificial greens. Also, artificial turf does not attract insects and pests like regular grass.

Southern Turf Co. putting greens are designed for putting and chipping practice, simulating the look, feel and performance of real bent grass greens. Southern Turf Co. can design outdoor putting greens systems with unique breaks and undulations, custom green speeds, and different cuts of fringe and rough to create the perfect practice green for your home or business.

Each putting green is unique and customized for you based on your specific needs. Rather you are a weekend golfer or a dedicated serious golfer. We will design and install the highest quality putting green at affordable prices.

Our Putting Green Turf Options

Southern Turf Co. offers two high quality artificial grass putting green options to meet all of our customer's individual needs. Our team of expert turf advisors will meet with you to determine exactly what turf is right for your project and help you design a custom, one-of-a-kind putting green. 

Muni Putting Green Turf

Muni Putting Green Turf is designed to look and perform like your favorite professionally manicured golf greens. It provides a realistic roll for the golf balls and elevates any backyard space.

Muni Putting Green Turf

Spanish Oaks Putting Green Turf

Spanish Oaks Putting Green Turf provides optimal performance and an accurate roll to rival any country club green. This exceptionally craft turf with texturized nylon yarn and a backing of natural rubber is both durable and beautiful.

Spanish Oaks Putting Green Turf
Artificial turf putting greens for your home
Artificial turf putting green for backyards
Artificial turf putting green
Artificial turf putting greens

Want to learn more about artificial grass?

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Want to learn more about artificial grass?

Request our free digital Turf 101 brochure delivered to your inbox.


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