FAQ: General questions about artificial turf

Artificial grass can provide a superior look to real grass regardless of the season or weather condition. Turf remains green and closely resembles real grass, without showing any brown spots or wear and tear. Even high traffic areas require minimal maintenance to stay looking brand new.

Our products are safe for kids and pets. All materials used are non-toxic and are consistently high-rated by kids and pets.

A typical natural lawn requires 55 gallons of water per square foot per year, which equals 44,000 gallons of water for an 800 square foot lawn. With artificial grass, you can save up to 660,000 gallons over 15 years. Synthetic grass also reduces the need for fertilizers or weed killers which can be harmful to the environment.

All of our putting greens are custom cut and designed to fit your space. We use infill in order to achieve the stimp rating you are looking for.

 Artificial turf is designed to be low maintenance. Use a turf rake to clean off debris and a water hose to spray off any messes. Household cleaners or a mixture of vinegar and water can be used on any tough messes.

On the hottest of days, artificial grass will be roughly 10% hotter than natural grass, but not as hot as concrete. A quick rinse with a water hose can reduce the temperature of your turf.

Our installation includes a complete turf system that takes drainage into account. The turf also has a backing made to drain even more quickly than natural grass.

Yes! Dogs love turf, and homeowners do too. Turf means less mess and muddy paws. Many of our turf products are designed specifically for pets because they drain and clean up well. In fact, about half of our installs are for dog owners. Our Turf Advisors can provide you with samples of the different turfs that perform best for dogs.

FAQ: Scheduling an appointment & receiving a quote

Call our main number or submit a request form on our website.

Your appointment will take approximately 30-45 minutes. Our Turf Advisor will get a feel for what you are looking for and take measurements in order to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Yes. Virtual appointments can be scheduled upon request.

The Turf Advisor will present your quote at the end of your appointment or shortly after. If your project requires further research, more time may be required for you to receive your official quote.

Your Turf Advisor will be able to assist with any specific questions about the quote.

You should contact your Turf Advisor. Their contact info is found at the top of the quote.

FAQ: Accepting quote / starting job

To accept, you can click “Approve Quote” on your digital quote.

Your Turf Advisor will reach out to you to collect a deposit. After we receive your deposit, we will add your project to our production calendar.

For your convenience, there are several options to make a payment. We accept Venmo, Zelle, cash, check, or credit card. There is a 3% processing fee added to credit card transactions.

Your Turf Advisor will provide you with a tentative date once you submit your deposit. You will receive a reminder email two weeks prior to your installation date. Dates are weather dependent and unexpected delays sometimes occur.

FAQ: Installation

A typical installation is 2-3 days, but every project is different.

Your Turf Advisor will coordinate a walkthrough before your installation starts to make sure both parties understand what will be done. You do not need to be home while the installation is taking place as long as our crew has access to the installation area.

Your Turf Advisor will do a final walkthrough with you and then collect final payment.

If there is inclement weather or the ground is too wet, we will most likely not be able to install your turf until conditions improve. We will do our best to avoid delays. If postponement is necessary, we will provide you with an updated start date as soon as possible.

FAQ: Warranty

We provide a 15-year product warranty and 2-year labor warranty. Warranty details are provided in your contract and on our website.