Residential turf installation

Artificial turf is a great choice for your home. In recent years, homeowners have been choosing synthetic grass as an alternative to natural grass. Not only does artificial grass stay green all year long, but it also aids in multiple aspects of environmental conservation. The turf experts from Southern Turf Co. offer long-lasting and easy to afford artificial grass. 

Want to learn more about artificial grass?

Request our free digital Turf 101 brochure delivered to your inbox.

Want to learn more about artificial grass?

Request our free digital Turf 101 brochure delivered to your inbox.


15-Year Manufacturer warranty


2-Year Installation warranty


Certified Lead Free

Lifestyle turf

Lifestyle turf will improve your yard and they way you enjoy it. Artificial grass landscape is a new alternative method currently rising in popularity for residential and commercial applications. Making the switch to artificial turf virtually eliminates lawn maintenance, decreases exposure to outdoor allergens, and gives your outdoor living space a lush oasis without the need for fertilizers, pesticides, or excessive water consumption.

Green all year round

No more pet urine staining

Prevents garden pests

No more grass allergies


Turf for your backyard

Our Artificial Grass is soft to walk on and looks great any time of the day, throughout the seasons. You can design any size, shape, or pattern with turf and install it among pavers for walkways and driveways. Artificial turf blends beautifully with existing bushes, trees, and landscaping. Adding pet-friendly, kid-friendly turf can enhance your space for your children's and pet's play area.

Artificial turf for pets

Pet turf is a wise investment for your home. Our dogs are an essential part of your family and are taken into consideration in every detail of the design and installation. Our non-toxic and allergen-free turf is soft on their paws yet durable, resilient, and perfectly safe for your family. Say goodbye to muddy paws & daily maintenance. Pet turf is the perfect addition to any yard. We always recommend artificial grass for dogs and pets .

No more dirty paws tracks in your house

The lawn never stains or fades

Your dog will have to stop digging

Your dog cannot kill the grass

Easy to clean up after your pets

Pet Turf

Perhaps the biggest benefit for pet owners is that artificial grass is incredibly easy to clean. You can hose the turf down to get rid of liquid waste, while solids can be spotted and then picked up. Worry no more about muddy paws and messy pets. Spend less time maintaining your yard and more time enjoying it with your pets.

  • A Safe Environment for Your Pets: By removing natural grass, artificial grass eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers and insecticides and significantly reduces pests. Synthetic Turf is also non-allergenic which reduces the allergen exposure for your pets.
  • Easy to Clean: Perhaps the biggest benefit for pet owners is that artificial grass is incredibly easy to clean. You can easily hose the turf down to get rid of liquid waste, while solids can be spotted and then picked up and safely disposed of.
  • Always Looks Good: Another advantage is that your pooch can spend all day on artificial grass without damaging it in any way. Even if he is a big, energetic dog who plays there with a ball, plastic bone or other toys for hours after hours,  you will see your landscape still looks beautiful.
  • Great to Play On: Perhaps the biggest benefit that your dog will feel with an artificial lawn is in the way that it is fantastic to play on. If you choose a luxurious, spongy type of grass then he will love the feel of it under his paws.
  • Superb Drainage: No matter if it is tinkle time for your pooch or the storm of the century there is never standing water in your yard.
  • Pest Free Zone: Fleas and ticks hate synthetic grass and will swiftly evacuate your yard, taking with them all the health problems that they cause your pets.
  • Pest Control: Artificial turf significantly reduces the number of pests hanging around your new turf.

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Play area turf

There is nothing more important than the safety of your kids. We offer a large selection of playground surfaces and a variety of padding. Rather it’s for your backyard swing set or a play set at the public school or park, our number one priority is safety.

Soft & Safe -for kids (Meeting HIC & ASTM Standards).

No harmful chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides

Clean & virtually maintenance Free

Long-lasting- up to 20 years!

Water Free


Artificial Grass is the ultimate choice for playgrounds, daycares, parks and more.

Sports turf

Artificial turf installation for sports fields is more popular than ever. Each artificial turf field is custom-designed and installed the exact specifications and needs of the field's use. Whether it's for soccer, tennis, hockey, baseball, football or another sport, artificial grass can enhance the use and enjoyment of the field and the game. We use Envirofill®, not crumb rubber, as our infill. Turf is great for sport courts, tennis courts and small and large sports fields.

No grass allergies

No grass or mud stains on your children’s clothing

No muddy feet or tracked-in grass clippings

No children or pets playing on natural grass treated with yard care chemicals


Artificial turf stays clean. Specialized porous backing provides a built-in barrier for weeds and discourages insects, yet it offers superior drainage and dries quickly. Kids and adults will enjoy the increased comfort, usability and cleanliness of synthetic turf without all of maintenance.

The playing field will take a high amount of abuse from one type of sport on any given day, then perhaps a different game on the next, or even in the same day! This ubiquitous use of one relatively small plot of land makes low maintenance a must. Fabricated turf never requires the plethora of maintenance and ongoing repair a natural grass field demands. Players stay cleaner because the dust level is lower, and mud isn’t an issue.

Play is less likely to be canceled due to safety problems on the field. Since natural grass can be torn up, it can become a tripping and falling hazard. Even less significant damage can make an impact, resulting in sloppy play. Artificial turf is also a four-season proposition, meaning it is always play-ready. It isn’t at the mercy of the weather, the landscape crew, or the sprinkler system to grow or look attractive.

Once artificial turf is laid on a field, the school no longer has to seek out substantial maintenance funds for field care. The play surface stays smooth and even. The thousands of gallons of water required to keep a natural grass field intact is no longer necessary. The chemicals needed to keep grass attractive aren’t required, either.

For a high school or smaller school, the initial cost of the field is often provided by fundraisers or corporate sponsors. Many of these entities will donate willingly as a means to increase promotion and support their local community.


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Green roofs & balconies

Green roofs and balconies are becoming a very popular. Who would ever thought synthetic turf would ever be placed on roof top or balconies?

This growing trend provides visual beauty to multi-level homes, high rise condominiums and balconies that want the “green look” and feel of natural grass. The only issue is that contractors turn away from offering this service due to not understanding how to properly install this system.  Southern Turf Co has a special system for roof and balcony installs


Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing are among the fastest growing commercial roofing products. Most residential and commercial roofs are being constructed with TPO when Tile or Shake roofing materials are not specified. TPO allows 100% protection of water penetration and offers an inexpensive way to completing a roof system. Even though TPO is a great roofing solution, its white flat surface is not a pretty site, especially when viewing from above. Roof top and balconies that are constructed with the TPO membrane gives the client the option to use synthetic turf other than standard tile, coatings or outdoor carpet.

Artificial hedges

Southern Turf Co.'s artificial ivy systems can turn your fence, interior or exterior walls, into lush, maintenance-free oasis. Our artificial hedge systems can make any vertical surface look colorful and beautiful and instantly enhance any setting! Installing faux hedges can help conserve water, reduce bugs and lower maintenance costs. You can spend less type working on your outdoor space and more time enjoying it. Artificial hedges also work great for indoor settings. Our expert turf pros are available to provide you a complimentary consultation and design session to determine what material and installation is best for your space.

  • Always green, always beautiful. No matter the weather or season, artificial hedges always look perfect. Pair our hedges with our artificial grass for a stunning space.
  • Easy to maintain. No trimming or watering required. These hedges need very little maintenance to maintain their beauty.
  • Save time and money. Spend more time enjoying your space, and less time maintaining it. Because no maintenance is required, so much time and money will be saved.
  • Conceal ugly walls and fences. Artificial hedges are a great way to conceal and beautify any wall, fence or vertical space.
  • Eco-friendly. Artificial hedges mean less greenhouse emissions and water use because of minimal maintenance. 
  • Less bugs and insects. Unwanted creatures prefer living plants to hide and reside.
  • Protection for the elements. Block wind and other elements from impacting your time outdoors with this extra barrier.
  • Quick installation. Our expert hedge installation pros work quickly and efficiently to get the job done.
Fiji Ivy

Fiji Artificial Ivy Hedge

This beautiful artificial ivy hedge with a mixture of deep green hues elevates any vertical space to create a beautiful background at home. Request a complimentary sample from your turf advisor to see how it would improve the look and feel of your favorite space. 

Bali Ivy Artificial Hedge

Bali Artificial Ivy Hedge

This stunning artificial ivy hedge with a mixture of spring green hues creates a lush, realistic background for any vertical space. Request a complimentary sample from your turf advisor to see how it would improve the look and feel of your favorite space. 


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