Diane N.

Southern Turf Co. completely transformed our backyard! We had previous issues keeping the grass alive and it was very muddy. We have pets and kids, so this was a constant issue for us.

Southern Turf Co. took time to understand the space and our family needs for our backyard. Now our children are playing in the backyard. Our dogs are running around and coming into the home mud free! There are less bugs and no water usage. We also have green grass that never goes away.

Southern Turf Co. was upfront and realistic with the process and cost of installation. We enjoyed getting to know them and are beyond thrilled with our new space. It basically feels like an outdoor room now!

Southern Turf Co


Our mission is to encourage people to enjoy life outside while reducing water and pesticide use. We are committed to providing high-quality turf installations that transform outdoor spaces one happy client at a time.