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Athletic fields installation

Artificial turf stays clean. Specialized porous backing provides a built-in barrier for weeds and discourages insects, yet it offers superior drainage and dries quickly. Kids and adults will enjoy the increased comfort, usability and cleanliness of synthetic turf without all of maintenance.

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Sports turf

Artificial turf installation for sports fields is more popular than ever. Each artificial turf field is custom-designed and installed the exact specifications and needs of the field's use. Whether it's for soccer, tennis, hockey, baseball, football or another sport, artificial grass can enhance the use and enjoyment of the field and the game. We use Envirofill®, not crumb rubber, as our infill. Turf is great for sport courts, tennis courts and small and large sports fields.

No grass allergies

No grass or mud stains on your children’s clothing

No muddy feet or tracked-in grass clippings

No children or pets playing on natural grass treated with yard care chemicals


The playing field will take a high amount of abuse from one type of sport on any given day, then perhaps a different game on the next, or even in the same day! This ubiquitous use of one relatively small plot of land makes low maintenance a must. Fabricated turf never requires the plethora of maintenance and ongoing repair a natural grass field demands. Players stay cleaner because the dust level is lower, and mud isn’t an issue.

Play is less likely to be canceled due to safety problems on the field. Since natural grass can be torn up, it can become a tripping and falling hazard. Even less significant damage can make an impact, resulting in sloppy play. Artificial turf is also a four-season proposition, meaning it is always play-ready. It isn’t at the mercy of the weather, the landscape crew, or the sprinkler system to grow or look attractive.

Once artificial turf is laid on a field, the school no longer has to seek out substantial maintenance funds for field care. The play surface stays smooth and even. The thousands of gallons of water required to keep a natural grass field intact is no longer necessary. The chemicals needed to keep grass attractive aren’t required, either.

For a high school or smaller school, the initial cost of the field is often provided by fundraisers or corporate sponsors. Many of these entities will donate willingly as a means to increase promotion and support their local community.