Amazing Things to Do in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas is one of the best places to be in the United States. It attracts millions of visitors annually for many reasons. These factors come from the cultural diversity in the city. If you must know, Austin houses the University of Texas and other educational institutions with students from all parts of the world. This wonderful mix of cultural background and Austin’s rich history has produced various tourist attractions. One of them is the Austin TX Aquarium.

If you love traveling, then Austin deserves a spot on your list of places to see. Here are the top 10 things to do in Austin, TX:

1.Visit the Austin TX Aquarium. This magnificent aquarium at the heart of Texas boasts of the various kinds of creatures that are sure to capture your attention. It is also a family-friendly place that houses a lot of activities for individuals and families or groups alike. What makes it stand out from the rest is that most of its activities are very interactive and will engage audiences like you.

2.The Austin TX Zoo is also an excellent place to see in the city. Your initial experience with the Texas Aquarium would give you a flavor of the more exciting things to expect from the zoo. The interactions you can expect from this place are made better with the variety of animals you will see and experience.

3.Austin Central Library is the place to see for all book lovers and curious souls. This library boasts of being included in 2018 Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places. This is mainly because of the expanse of the building and the number of books it carries. It can also hold so many people that its parking spaces alone can accommodate about a couple of hundred car slots. You will enjoy the wide range of reading genres while also have the chance to cherish the aesthetics of the entire building. So, if you are keen to explore the city, this is among the top 10 that should be on your list.

4.Take pictures of yourself and your loved ones on the I Love You So Much mural along S. Congress Avenue. The wall where you can find this mural is the side of a coffee shop and just about a 5-minute drive from the library. This excellent combination will be worth it when you find yourself grabbing some coffee and taking your best pictures on the mural, then driving to the library for some quiet reading time.

5.Texas University is a public university that houses so many culturally-inspired activities. Austin, Texas houses one of the best state universities in the United States. When you come and visit the city, this is one of the notable places for you to see because of the concerts, cultural shows, and plays. The place takes pride in the different backgrounds of its population. From this, you will also learn a lot.

6.Get a glimpse of history when you come and visit the Texas State Capitol. Your eyes will have a feast with the architectural details of the state’s Capitol building. You can also take advantage of the tour of the entire building and get a deep dive into the state’s history.

7.Speaking of history, you would also want to see the Texas State History Museum. You will not just learn about the state’s background but you will also find a lot of amazing artifacts that were found in the state. You can also learn more about the deep and colorful African American history and other events, which date as far back as the 18th century.

If you are looking to visit Austin, Texas, then you are in a for a feast. You can experience a good mix of culture and nature with all its tourist attractions. More importantly, the city is also known for its warm people. When you take your trip, there will be more than one occasion that you will meet a local. At best, you may also want to check out the city’s clubs at night to maximize your social experience. It will be a good balance to the appreciation of nature if you come from the Austin TX Aquarium during the day.