Bring the Whole Family to Austin TX Zoo

Austin Zoo

Kids love all types of animals so it would be a wonderful experience to bring the entire family over to Austin TX zoo. It may be full during the weekends so better reserve your tickets in advance through their website. It is a great experience for the entire family as kids will be encouraged not to treat animals in a bad way since the animals here were given a second chance in life. After all, they have done nothing wrong to deserve cruel treatment. It is a good thing the vegan community is going strong and the demand for plant based meat has risen so people are not supporting anymore the killing of animals just to put something on your plate. This zoo is a good example of that. Of course, it would still be hard to argue with the poor people due to how they were raised as we can just hope that they would do the right thing when they grow up.

Wide Variety of Animals

It is nice to blend in with some of the animals the Austin TX zoo have in there and you will see a wide variety of them there. As a matter of fact, you will see some animals there that you never expected to see. They also did the brief background for each animal regarding how they got there. The kids will surely have a great time interacting with some of them as it is possible that you can feed some of them. They say that it is a place for rescued animals and that alone is a big reason to go visit them as you never know the terrible times they had to go through. Kudos to the zoo for giving these animals a second chance in life. They certainly deserve it. The staff did their best in letting the animals live their habitat. Thus, the photo options may be limited but just tell the zoo staff and they will certainly do their best in order to accommodate your request for some pictures.

Cleanliness Observed

The friendly staff always makes an effort to clean all the animals cages. The last thing you would want to see is for the animals to have a tough time breathing because of how dirty the cages are. That is never the case with this zoo as they possess all the needed cleaning materials in order to make it easier for everyone involved. Hence, we are all encouraged to do our parts in maintaining the cleanliness of the zoo by throwing the trash to the garbage cans scattered all over the place. Don’t be surprised if your kids would want to go back there and see all their new animal friends. It would always feel great to treat all the animals like they are your true friends. Remember, all your human friends will stab you in the back but your animal friends would never do that no matter what happens.

Small Train Tour

There is a train that you can ride and it will take you around the zoo so that you will see all the entire place in just a few hours. It is an experience that you won’t forget for quite a long time so better bring your cameras and take a ton of photos. These animals deserve all the attention they can get. Some animals you will see there are goats, peacocks, llamas, and bears. It feels great that these animals were rescued from mean people who want to kill them for sport then turn their skin into useless products like wallets and belts. You know they also deserve to live their life to the fullest just like humans.

Spending a couple of hours at Austin TX zoo would be such a fantastic experience. Don’t forget to arrive a little early so that you won’t have a hard time finding a parking space. They are a little strict nowadays due to the worldwide pandemic that we are currently experiencing. Keep in mind that they are doing that for our safety though so just follow the rules. Yes, that includes staying at least six feet away from all the other people who are at the zoo.