Artificial turf

Artificial Grass Benefits for Your Rental Property

Your rental property can benefit from artificial grass installation. Artificial turf is an excellent way to improve the look and enjoyment of all properties, whether you are an owner or a tenant. Here are a few reasons why renters should consider investing in turf for rental properties:

Turf for Rental Properties Saves Money


Real grass can be expensive to maintain between mowing and watering. Thus, while there is an initial upfront cost for turf installation, this cost can be offset by savings on maintenance and your water bill.

Less Work for Your Rental Property


In addition to saving money on upkeep, less maintenance also means more time to enjoy your yard that will always be green and perfectly trimmed. Furthermore, natural lawns will command a lot of your attention. Save that time for more enjoyable activities, like enjoying your yard year-round.

Awesome Curb Appeal for Your Rental Property


Artificial turf always look sharp and is sure to impress your friends and neighbors. It is reliably beautiful and requires almost no maintenance to keep it looking perfect and green throughout the entire year. Whether you install lifestyle turf, a putting green or pet turf, turf for rental properties offers a lot of ways to improve your yard. Regardless of whether you own your home or are simply renting it, you always want the best for your yard.

Tenants Can Take Advantage of the Latest Technology


The Southern Turf Co. offers the best in turf technology to make sure your artificial grass has optimal performance and user enjoyment. Your landlord will be thrilled that you are taking great care of your yard. Turf for rental properties is another way to take full advantage of all of the benefits and advances in artificial grass. Let our team of experts help you learn more about what turf is right for your project.

Just because you are a renter does not mean you cannot experience all of the benefits of artificial grass for your property. Contact our pros to today and get a free quote to see if turf is right for you.