Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is quickly and dramatically replacing natural grass in many sports fields today. When it was first introduced, most players didn’t like playing on it due to its tough feel, which hurt their joints and kneels.

However, this is no longer the case. Recent technology has greatly enhanced artificial turf’s feel and look, making it more comfortable and indistinguishable from a natural grass field. The benefits of artificial turf make it worthwhile for schools and professional league stadiums to invest in one for their players.

How Artificial Sports Turf Can Benefit your Football Field

Artificial turf has more benefits than a natural grass field. In countries prone to droughts, such as California, synthetic turf provides players with beautiful and smooth playing grounds without violating landscaping and water restrictions guidelines.

Some of the advantages of artificial turfs include;

1. Requires less maintenance

Synthetic sports fields are usually less inexpensive to maintain natural grass fields. They don’t need edging, trimming, and mowing, thus saving on expenses and time.

2. Removes puddling

During artificial grass installation, the ground is rolled and leveled out, removing all grooves that can accumulate water, thus preventing water from accumulating in the field.

3. Prevents grass sports

Usually, grass leaves green stains on clothes and shoes if you fall, which is a drawback that synthetic fields eliminate.

4. All-weather utility

 Unlike natural grass, artificial turf remains green and intact even during harsh seasons like droughts. During rainy days a grass field becomes muddy and damaged after a play. Droughts usually make grass dry and the field to be rough and unsuitable for playing. With artificial turfs, you’ll be sure of evading such downsides.

5. Safe for people and pets

Most artificial turs have anti-bacterial that prevent bacteria and germs from spreading. Also, such fields don’t require fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides like grass fields, making them safe for children and allergic people to play on them without getting affected.

6. Ideal for multiple recreational areas

You can easily cut, mark, or shape artificial turf to suit many recreational areas such as tennis courts, patio surfaces, and bocce balls. The field’s toughness makes them ideal for areas with more foot traffic.

7. Offers optimum players safety

Players are more likely to injure themselves more while playing on a natural grass field than one with artificial turf. The smooth synthetic blades and well-organized padding provide an additional protective layer, offering maximum protection to users.

8. It’s more potent and cost-effective

Artificial turfs are more durable and cost-effective. They can last for over 20 years after installation. Installing them can be costly at first, but the maintenance cost is minimal after that.

Difference Between AstroTurf and Artificial Grass

Astroturf and artificial grass actually mean the same thing. Astroturf is an iconic sports brand specialized in selling artificial grass and sports pitches accessories in the US. The artificial grass acquired the Astroturf name since the Astroturf company was the only one selling artificial grass when it emerged.

Most people usually confuse between artificial turf and grass. Synthetic turf is commonly utilized in sports fields, and it’s stronger and shorter than artificial grass. Artificial grass is customarily used for landscaping, especially for residential and commercial purposes. You can put them on playgrounds, doggy care centers, and backyards.

Artificial turf is usually stronger than artificial grass because it’s designed to withstand the grinding, cleats, and running feet of players.

Artificial Grass Benefits For Your Rental Property

Installing artificial grass in your rental property can have many more benefits than you can imagine. Some of these benefits are;

1. Increases the value of your property

Most homebuyers consider the appearance and maintenance costs of a property before buying, and artificial grass can offer you just that. It makes your property appealing and easy to maintain, hence attracting more buyers.

2. Eases maintenance hassle since it doesn’t require frequent mowing and trimming like natural grass.

3. Improves the tidiness and cleanness of your property, especially during summers when grass tends to grow fast, and there’s a lot of mud.

4. Suitable for pets, hence attracting more tenants since it is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Saves on maintenance cost and time.

6. Your renters will have fewer responsibilities


Artificial grass and turf are an excellent solution for most sports fields and stadiums, residential and commercial purposes. They are cost-effective, attractive, easy to maintain, pet-friendly, versatile, safer, and highly durable.