Less Pests without Pesticides with Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass
Artificial turf transforms your backyard

Bugs and mosquitoes tend to thrive in the summer months, which can negatively impact your use and enjoyment of your outdoor space. Artificial grass naturally acts as a deterrent for pests and mosquitoes compared to real grass. Installing artificial turf not only minimizes standing water, but it also prevents bugs’ access to soil, where they prefer to live, eat and lay eggs. This in turn limits the need for pesticides in your yard, helping to protect humans, pets and our environment from harmful chemicals.

Here are a few tips for preventing mosquitoes in your yard:

  1. Remove standing water. Garden pots, buckets and overturned toys are just a few examples of items that can accumulate water in your yard. Without standing water to lay their eggs, mosquitoes cannot reproduce.
  2. Keep your yard clear of unnecessary debris. Mosquitoes seek shelter from the wind and sun behind and under debris that may be lying around your yard.
  3. Choose insect-repelling plants. Rosemary, lavender, mint, marigolds and basil are just a few of the many fragrant plants available that can help ward off mosquitoes naturally.
  4. Trim back trees and hedges. Overgrown trees and hedges provide another means of shade and shelter for unwelcome mosquitoes.
  5. Clean gutters regularly. Standing water and debris can accumulate in gutters providing the ideal environment for mosquitoes to thrive.