Top 5 Places To Visit In Austin

Whether you have booked your trip, or are simply researching whether you should go, Austin has so many exciting and unique attractions that will keep you occupied whilst you are visiting Austin. Austin, the capital city of the state of Texas, is one of the most rapidly growing and developing cities in the whole of the United States of America. As a capital city, there is a lot on offer in Austin, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 places you should go whilst you are visiting Austin.

The State Capitol

Whilst you are visiting any location, it is always interesting to educate yourself on that specific area’s local history. With a visitors’ centre on site where you can discover all about the history of Austin and Texas as a whole, The State Capitol has a bit of everything. Take a break from the visitor centre and stroll around the Great Walk and take in the various monuments, including the Vietnam War Monument and the Texas African American History Memorial. The State Capitol building itself is a site to behold, built in 1888 it has been classified as a National Historical Landmark. There are free tours of the State Capitol building every day, aside from holidays, so you can learn all about this corner of the world.

Mexic-Arte Museum

Perhaps you prefer to visit art galleries whilst you are on your travels, if so, you should definitely go to the Mexic-Arte Museum whilst you are visiting Austin. Showcasing art and culture from Latino, Mexican and Latin-American backgrounds, this museum will be an educating and enlightening experience. The exhibitions tend to focus on art relating to matters like immigration and acceptance. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional art, this gallery has something that everyone will enjoy.

SoCo District

When you are taking a break from visiting the various attractions that Austin has to offer, you will want a place to sit down and have a drink and something to eat. There is no place trendier than the SoCo District. Home to The Continental Club, the SoCo District is home to an extensive amount of eateries with everything on offer. Outdoor eating and drinking is the order of the day, with plenty of places you can relax outside and people watch until your heart’s content.

After you have rested and recuperated, you might be looking to do a spot of shopping. The SoCo District has a large selection of vintage and boutique stores, offering a varied shopping experience that will meet any type of travelers’ needs.

Zilker Metropolitan Park Attractions

If you are looking for a change of pace and you are not looking for an attraction that will keep you indoors, then visiting Zilker Metropolitan Park may be the perfect place for you. Set near Austin’s Lady Bird Lake, Zilker Park is a favorite place for both locals and visitors alike. Whether you simply wish to take a relaxing walk, have a picnic, or if you are looking for things to do, Zilker Park has it all. From disc golf and volleyball, to the large kids’ playground, and not to mention water recreation activities such as canoeing and boat rentals, there is never a dull moment. The park is also home to many events all year round, from Austin City Limits Music Festival to the Zilker Summer Musical.

You can also visit:

  • Zilker Botanical Garden, which is split into differing themed gardens.
  • Hartman Prehistoric Garden, which has been built around an ancient dinosaur footprint.
  • Isamu Taniguchi Japanese Garden, with beautiful waterfalls.
  • Austin Nature And Science Center, which is particularly popular with children.
  • Umlauf Sculpture Garden And Museum, which is popular with all tourists.

Congress Avenue Bridge

Finally, if you are looking for something different to experience in the evenings, why not head over to Congress Avenue Bridge? While that does not sound particularly exciting, the bridge is also home to the world’s largest urban bat colony. From March to November every year you are more than likely to witness the flight of many Mexican free-tailed bats. A truly unique and beautiful experience you can only get whilst you are visiting Austin.

The concludes are top 5 places to go whilst you are visiting Austin. No matter your personal preferences, there are multiple attractions on offer that will make you time visiting Austin an unforgettable experience.