Artificial Grass For Dogs Austin TX

Artificial Turf For Dogs

Artificial turf for dogs is an excellent investment for your home. Our dogs are an essential part of your family and are taken into consideration in every detail of the design and installation. Our non-toxic and allergen-free turf is soft on their paws yet durable, resilient, and perfectly safe for your family. Say goodbye to muddy holes & daily maintenance.


A Safe Environment for Your Pets:

By removing natural grass, artificial grass eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers and insecticides and significantly reduces pests. Synthetic Turf is also non-allergenic which reduces the allergen exposure for your pets.

Easy to Clean:

Perhaps the biggest benefit for pet owners is that artificial grass is incredibly easy to clean. You can easily hose the turf down to get rid of liquid waste, while solids can be spotted and then picked up and safely disposed of.

Always Looks Good:

Another advantage is that your pooch can spend all day on artificial grass without damaging it in any way. Even if he is a big, energetic dog who plays there with a ball, plastic bone or other toys for hours after hours,  you will see your landscape still looks beautiful.

Great to Play On:

Perhaps the biggest benefit that your dog will feel with an artificial lawn is in the way that it is fantastic to play on. If you choose a luxurious, spongy type of grass then he will love the feel of it under his paws.

Superb Drainage:

No matter if it is tinkle time for your pooch or the storm of the century there is never standing water in your yard.

Pest Free Zone:

Fleas and ticks hate synthetic grass and will swiftly evacuate your yard, taking with them all the health problems that they cause your pets.

Pest Control:

Artificial turf significantly reduces the number of pests hanging around your new turf.

Artificial grass for your dogs
Artificial turf for your dogs

Why Dog Owners Come to Us for Their Pet Turf for Dogs in Austin, Texas

Drainage allows you to not be so stressed about cleaning the grass

The lawn never stains or fades

Your dog will have to stop digging

Your dog cannot kill the grass

No more dirty paws tracking up your house

Nontoxic and hypo allergenic product

No more water waste and fertilizing

Dog friendly

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Residential Turfs

Artificial grass for your backyard patio

Lifestyle Turf

We carry artificial turf for any kind of outdoor living project. Artificial grass prevents many problems that arise with natural grass. Artificial lawns don't need water and it maintains consistent beauty all year round.


Pet Turf

Our artificial pet turf and supplies are used by homeowners, landscapers, kennels, property managers, cities, and veterinarians. We believe our 4 legged friends deserve the best in terms of quality turf.


Play Area Turf

Nothing is more important than your kids' safety. When it comes to selecting the perfect playground, safety is a top concern. After selecting your kids’ playset, consider the playground surface underneath. 


Sports Turf

Synthetic grass has become increasingly popular within schools. Coaches, athletic directors & players of all sports enjoy artificial turf because of its durability, playability, safety and long-term cost saving benefits. 

putting greens artificial turf

Putting Greens

Our durable, high-quality artificial putting green turf is perfect for putt putt, mini-golf, backyard putting greens and golf mats.  Practice your putting all year round in the privacy of your own home.

commercial artificial turf


Artificial grass is the perfect basis for your balcony. Our clients love saying goodbye to their boring concrete. We have transformed many balconies into attractive statement spaces using artificial grass.