Conserve Water with Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Grass Installation Summer is here and temperatures are high. This a great time to make the move to artificial grass. Turf installation allows owners to conserve water and save on their water bill without compromising the beauty and usability of your space. After all, summers are made for outdoor fun and entertaining. Make the switch to artificial turf to transform your space.

Here are a few helpful tips to conserve water:

  1. Many areas are under water use restrictions during the dry, hot summer months. Don’t forget to check your city or county water restrictions to determine if there are any guidelines or requirements for your area.
  2. Choose drought tolerant plants that need little to no water and can tolerate the summer heat.
  3. Avoid watering your yard and plants during the day. Instead, water during the evening/early morning hours when water will not evaporate quickly under the sun.
  4. When it rains, rooftop downspouts are a great way to help direct water towards gardens and plant beds instead of sending it directly to stormwater drains.

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