7 Things to Do in Austin TX

Things to Do in the City of Austin TX

There are a lot of things to do in Austin, Texas that one week won’t enough for a visit here. You will end up extending when you have the chance especially when you are with good company. Here are a few things to d0 that will certainly take up your time while you are in Austin:

Take Family to Austin Aquarium

The Austin Aquarium is a wonderful place for kids to interact with marine animals. They would have a glimpse as to how these sea creatures spend their everyday lives. You won’t believe the number of sea creatures there are and this place will educate you about each and every one of them. Some are big while some are pretty small so it would be hard to spot them. There is no question the entire family would love to check each one out.

Take a Dip in Barton Springs Pool

It is evident the weather may get cold at times. When that happens, it is highly recommended you go to this place and swim in some hot water. You will appreciate right away what nature has in store for you. You may not even notice how fast time flies due to how relaxing it can get while in this place.

Do the Austin in a Nutshell Bike Tour with a Guide

Bring the cameras as you will get to experience a whole lot of things when you do this tour along with an experienced tour guide. Besides, you will want to check out all the nice places to eat as the tour guide will certainly tell you everything there is to know. Don’t be shy about asking the guide some questions about the history of Austin. In addition, you will meet different tourists from various walks of life. It is such an amazing experience that will stay on you for quite a few years.

Do the Escape game Austin

Test your wits and solve all the puzzles there is in this escape room. Surely, you will be pretty challenged by what this place has to offer. You will get bragging rights when you were able to complete all the tasks in the given time. Of course, not everyone can do that as they are pretty hard. Better choose the teammates who would be able to help you for the entire duration of the game. It won’t be long before you would feel good about your chances of getting the victory.

Visit Texas Military Forces Museum

The soldiers deserve some attention for how they served the state of Texas back in the day. This museum is a great way to pay tribute for all of their contributions. Don’t be surprised if you spend a lot of time in here especially of a historian buff.

Take the Kids to Thinkery

The exhibits at Thinkery is something to think about. Kids would have such a delightful time there and they would be pretty entertained by what they have to see. In addition, you know that they would want to just get on with their creativity. Each exhibit brings something different to the table as you know you are getting a lot out of this place. You will need a few hours to go through all of the exhibits here. The tickets are a bit pricey but worth it.

Read Books at Austin Central Library

You will be surprised by how big Austin Central Library is. Add that to the fact that they have a coffee shop there where you can take a break from checking out all the books that they have to offer. Their highly trained staff is there to help you so you don’t need to waste time looking for the books that you need. You can ask them and they will tell you right away how you can find the books that you would need.

Now that you know some of the nicest things to do in Austin, it would be best to rent a car so that it would be possible to go to several places in one day. When you are a tourist, there is no doubt you will want to maximize the time that you have there.