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Artificial Hedges

Southern Turf Co.'s artificial ivy systems can turn your fence, interior or exterior walls, into lush, maintenance-free oasis. Our artificial hedge systems can make any vertical surface look colorful and beautiful and instantly enhance any setting! Installing faux hedges can help conserve water, reduce bugs and lower maintenance costs. You can spend less type working on your outdoor space and more time enjoying it. Artificial hedges also work great for indoor settings. Our expert turf pros are available to provide you a complimentary consultation and design session to determine what material and installation is best for your space.

Artifical Hedge

The Amazing Benefits of Artificial Hedges

  • Always green, always beautiful. No matter the weather or season, artificial hedges always look perfect. Pair our hedges with our artificial grass for a stunning space.
  • Easy to maintain. No trimming or watering required. These hedges need very little maintenance to maintain their beauty.
  • Save time and money. Spend more time enjoying your space, and less time maintaining it. Because no maintenance is required, so much time and money will be saved.
  • Conceal ugly walls and fences. Artificial hedges are a great way to conceal and beautify any wall, fence or vertical space.
  • Eco-friendly. Artificial hedges mean less greenhouse emissions and water use because of minimal maintenance. 
  • Less bugs and insects. Unwanted creatures prefer living plants to hide and reside.
  • Protection for the elements. Block wind and other elements from impacting your time outdoors with this extra barrier.
  • Quick installation. Our expert hedge installation pros work quickly and efficiently to get the job done.

Hedge Products We Offer

Fiji Artificial Ivy Hedge

This beautiful artificial ivy hedge with a mixture of deep green hues elevates any vertical space to create a beautiful background at home. Request a complimentary sample from your turf advisor to see how it would improve the look and feel of your favorite space. 

Fiji Ivy

Bali Artificial Ivy Hedge

This stunning artificial ivy hedge with a mixture of spring green hues creates a lush, realistic background for any vertical space. Request a complimentary sample from your turf advisor to see how it would improve the look and feel of your favorite space. 

Bali Ivy Artificial Hedge

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Residential Turfs

Artificial grass for your backyard patio

Lifestyle Turf

We carry artificial turf for any kind of outdoor living project. Artificial grass prevents many problems that arise with natural grass. Artificial lawns don't need water and it maintains consistent beauty all year round.


Pet Turf

Our artificial pet turf and supplies are used by homeowners, landscapers, kennels, property managers, cities, and veterinarians. We believe our 4 legged friends deserve the best in terms of quality turf.


Play Area Turf

Nothing is more important than your kids' safety. When it comes to selecting the perfect playground, safety is a top concern. After selecting your kids’ playset, consider the playground surface underneath. 


Sports Turf

Synthetic grass has become increasingly popular within schools. Coaches, athletic directors & players of all sports enjoy artificial turf because of its durability, playability, safety and long-term cost saving benefits. 

putting greens artificial turf

Putting Greens

Our durable, high-quality artificial putting green turf is perfect for putt putt, mini-golf, backyard putting greens and golf mats.  Practice your putting all year round in the privacy of your own home.

commercial artificial turf


Artificial grass is the perfect basis for your balcony. Our clients love saying goodbye to their boring concrete. We have transformed many balconies into attractive statement spaces using artificial grass. 

Artifical Hedge

Artificial Hedge

Turn your fence, interior or exterior walls, into lush, maintenance-free oasis. Literally any vertical or horizontal surface our artificial ivy system can make look colorful and beautiful!


Our mission is to encourage people to enjoy life outside while reducing water and pesticide use. We are committed to providing high-quality turf installations that transform outdoor spaces one happy client at a time.

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