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Residential Turf Installation

The turf experts from Southern Turf Co. offer long-lasting and easy to afford artificial grass. Austin residents throughout recent years have been utilizing synthetic grass as an alternative to natural grass. Not only does synthetic grass stay green all year long, but it also aids in multiple aspects of environmental conservation. 

Lush, synthetic grass for pets and kids is an excellent solution that won’t leave bare or yellow patches on your lawn. It’s also ideal for eliminating grass clippings and mud being tracked into your home. Free yourself from yard maintenance so you can relax and enjoy a great looking yard all year.

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Commercial Turf Installation

 We pride ourselves on providing synthetic turf that is second to none. Our artificial grass in Austin, Texas is especially popular for conference center landscaping, big box retail stores, office landscaping, walkways, and playgrounds. There are virtually no ongoing costs to keeping an artificial lawn looking and feeling great! 

Millions of dollars are spent on commercial landscaping, Austin and the rest of Texas because of the intense heat in summer. Our synthetic lawn service in Austin and many other locations, will reduce maintenance costs and improve the beauty of your office, hotel, or commercial facility for years to come.

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Most projects installed in just 24 hours

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8-year manufacturer warranty

5-year installation warranty

Made in the USA. Heavy metal free

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